Why Look Into Co-Branded Domain Reseller Accounts?

One of the ways in which you can offer web hosting services to your own customers is through co-branded domain reseller accounts. Many such companies exist now that provide these services, so you should have little trouble finding one that can best suit your particular set of needs. The way co-branded domain reseller accounts work is providers will typically offer their customers the choice to have their own domain names so they in turn can offer their own customers web hosting services through the use of their own services and associated software. Many companies that offer co-branded web hosting services have popped up in recent years but the commonly used ones are services such as Ocatch, Portland and Megagiga, with other companies such as Homestead and Muttle entering the co branded web hosting field fairly recently. These services will often vary widely as to the type of services that they offer, so look through their packages carefully to see which ones will best serve your web hosting requirements. For example, some co-branded web hosting services offer extensive technical support to their customers while others do not offer any type of technical support at all. The ways by which these co-branded web hosting services make their money also tend to differ greatly from company to company. One of the most common arrangements by which these companies make money is by charging their customers a percentage out of every banner ad that is hosted on their web site. Some will charge you a certain percentage out of every upgrade subscription after a predetermined number of account signups.

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