Are Registry Cleaner Software Free Download Programs Safe?

Are you ready to toss your PC out the window because when you start it up you get error messages, it runs slowly opening programs, or you see the famous “blue screens” constantly? Do not stress out, there is a simple and low cost fix for this. You can get a registry cleaner software free download and scan your system so that you will know exactly what files need cleaned up and corrected. What this software does is locate and clean up corrupted and bad files in your registry system, the most vital part of your operating system. It will also make sure that stored information in your database is organized and not scattered around in your registry. This is critical as it allows your PC to run almost as if it was new.

So what is the difference between a free or paid version of this software?

First, do not just grab free registry cleaner software, unless you are aware of any threats to your computer that may come with it. There are free cleaners that say they will optimize your system and you never pay a dime for it, but most of the time these programs have viruses and spyware attached to them. This could not only slow your system down but possibly even cause it to crash.

There are yet other free versions that embed adware and spyware in the files you download. The files are hidden in the software and can usually get past your virus protection. This can be expected with much of the free cleaners, unlike software you download a free scan and upgrade to clean your system.

The old saying if it sounds too good to be true it usually is certainly applies to free registry cleaner software. I strongly suggest that you use caution and not download the first free cleaner you locate online.

Be advised that most legitimate registry cleaner software free download programs supply a free scan which will show you what needs fixed on your system but it will not clean up the corrupted files until you actually buy the software.

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